"Gemstones vibrate at frequencies that can help an individual to get in touch with the Universal life energies that surround them." - Meaningful Malas

Meaningful Malas – An Online Store for custom Malas to compliment all spiritual practices

Welcome to Meaningful Malas, where every Mala is created in joyous balance. All of our Custom Malas are made with love and devotion in the peaceful Rocky Mountain setting in Southeastern British Columbia. Whether you want a gemstone Mala, a traditional wooden bead Mala, knots or no knots, tassels or pendants, we have a selection you will love. Custom mala orders are welcome, and our online mala store has an ever growing selection; Our Malas are created for your spiritual practice and will honour your personal vision. Explore all the possibilities of Meaningful Malas at your leisure and when you are ready, place your order with confidence.