"Gemstones vibrate at frequencies that can help an individual to get in touch with the Universal life energies that surround them." - Meaningful Malas


  Q: Why 108 beads

108 represents the unity of masculine and feminine. It is the tradition in Sikhisn, Buddhism and Yoga to use 108 beads. 108 is also a Harshad number which is a number dividable by the sum of it’s digits. Harshad is a Sanskrit word that means “great joy.”

  Q: Which mala should I choose?

Choosing a mala is a deeply personal experience.    When you browse the pictures of the variety of the Meaningful Malas available on this website, pay particular attention to those that seem especially attractive to you, those that you want to look at for longer periods or which uplift you in some way.   Generally speaking, a Mala that is uplifting to you personally is a good choice.

  Q: I want healing. Which mala is best for that?

Some Malas feature a predominance of semi-precious gemstones that are traditionally associated with healing.   It is a simple matter to browse through the qualities of the gemstones and wooden beads and make note of the ones that have been used for healing, and then check out the Malas made with those beads.   If none of these appeal to you, however, then follow your own intuition and pick the mala that most resonates with you.    Every person has predominant vibrations and therefore each person is going to be ‘in sync’ with the vibrations of some gemstones but not with others.

  Q: Can I give a mala as a gift?

Certainly, you can definitely give one as a gift.   You might choose one based on the recipient’s favorite colors or by intuition, whichever works best for you.   Another option is, if you would like the recipient to choose their own Mala, we have Gift Certificates available.

  Q: Do you have Wholesalers rate?