"Gemstones vibrate at frequencies that can help an individual to get in touch with the Universal life energies that surround them." - Meaningful Malas
Bottom Fade

About Meaningful Malas

Our online store features handmade Custom Malas to compliment all spiritual practices

Meaningful Malas came to be at a time that required a high level of healing towards well-being.

Taking life in a new direction by using the time to honor the healing process by praying and meditating, this time of renewal was used to create Malas that would be both beautiful and have the traditional healing properties.

As an initiate of an Ashram, I found strength, comfort and well being by practicing Japa Yoga while working with the different precious stones to create Malas.

Thus Meaningful Malas was born, we encourage you to browse our unique selection, and buy your personal Mala online here.

At Meaningful Malas, the mission is to create a unique variety of Malas that are aesthetically pleasing. The Malas are created with various semi precious gems and natural wood beads for the different traditional healing purposes that are associated with the stone.

Each mala is created in an atmosphere of Divine Love, Peace and Harmony.

Donna currently resides in the lovely little town of Windermere, minutes from Windermere Lake in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.   A lifelong interest in the metaphysical drew Donna gradually toward a quest for spiritual truth.   On this quest,  she encountered the Path of Consciousness and her Guru, Venerable Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha at the Adi Vajra Shambhasalem Ashram in Wasa, British Columbia.  Under the direct guidance of this Guru, a true Self Realized Being, Donna continues a dedicated spiritual practice with the goal of becoming Conscious in this lifetime.

Welcome to the very special experience of Meaningful Malas.

In Love and Light,