"Gemstones vibrate at frequencies that can help an individual to get in touch with the Universal life energies that surround them." - Meaningful Malas
Bottom Fade

Caring for the Mala

Meaningful Malas recommendeds that all of our Custom Malas be cared for as the sacred item that they are. When you are not using or wearing the Mala, it is best to keep it in a Mala bag. This will help protect your Mala from breaking.

If the Mala is made with silk thread and worn while showering or swimming, or if the Mala is washed in water, the thread could weaken and break prematurely.

It is tradition that other people do not use or touch your Mala. Your Mala becomes infused with your own energy as well as that of the Prayers, Mantras and Intentions that are repeated while using it.

It is suggested that a Mala only be worn or touched by its owner as the stones retain energy.

To clean and to polish your mala, do it very gently with a soft cloth. The Tassel may be cleaned by immersing it into warm water with a bit of gentle dish soap and lay on a towel to dry.

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