Sandalwood with Carnelian and Yellow Jasper




Product Description

This Mala was created using a variety of 108 Sandalwood, Yellow Calcite and Carnelian Mala Beads. The Buddha Bead is a Fire Agate and the lower bead is a Yellow Calcite.  An orange and yellow tassel completes this Grounding Mala.

To see the properties of each Mala bead, please go to the above Gemstone tab.

Connect to the energies of this Mala and let its presence remind you of your intentions and goals.

To keep your Mala safe when not in use, we have included a beautiful 8×5 silk bag with a card inside to describe the properties of each Mala bead.

This Mala measures  8 wide, 23 inches around and hangs 17 inches long.

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Beaded with Slip Knot, Blue, Blue Multi, burgundy, Fire, Green, Light Blue, Mauve, Orange, Orange Multi, Pastel Multi, Pink, Purple, Purple Multi, Purple/Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yellow

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